Festival Failure

Last Sunday I went to the Marrickville Festival and took photos of it, intending to make a post about it for today.

But I have a cold (thanks a lot, Ben) and the photos weren’t very good, so I’m going to drink tea and hope the cold and flu tablets work well enough that I can go to a friend’s Halloween party tonight. Here is a photo from the festival that sums up how I’m feeling right now:

A Special Occasion

This weekend, Saturday the 20th to be exact, marked Ben and my fifth anniversary of being together. It’s crazy how quickly time passes; it simultaneously feels like just yesterday and forever ago that I moved to Sydney to live with Ben.

We agreed to not buy each other presents this year, in an attempt to make out that it’s no big deal. I asked Ben to let me know if he buys me something anyway so I can reciprocate. Ben has a habit of doing that, so I’ve learned over the years to put in that sort of contingency clause in these types of agreements. To be fair on Ben, I broke our agreement first. I bought him a bowl (I know, how lavish of me), a blue one to match the small red one I bought a few weeks ago that ended up being the perfect size. In retaliation he bought me two dresses. He’s good at buying me dresses, too, so I think I was the ‘winner’ in this situation.

We went on a date on Friday, getting Indian food in Newtown and going to the cinema to watch Looper. It was a simple date night, even though I got a headache halfway through the movie and didn’t have any painkillers with me. Walking home from the station at midnight was so lovely, even with the headache trying to squeeze my eye out of its socket, the temperature was perfect for going for a walk. That is one of the things I absolutely love about summer; in winter once the sun goes down (or sometimes even when it’s still in the sky) I feel like I am going to freeze to death. In summer it may be too hot to move during the day, but the night times are generally much milder and enjoyable. I wonder if I could start a trend of night time picnics; the temperature was perfect for a picnic.

On Saturday we just relaxed for most of the day, doing our own thing, until it was time to go out for dinner. There was an event on in the city where part of a street was closed off and there were Food Trucks showing off how great their food is and all that, so I had been gunning for us to go to that since I heard it on the radio. Once we got there I realised the main problem with this is that the lines for food were ridiculously long and people were pushing and shoving whenever they walked past and it generally wasn’t somewhere I wanted to be. We decided to get sushi instead, at our favourite Japanese restaurant in the city that happened to be just around the corner, and then went on an impromptu pub crawl on our way to catch a train home. It wasn’t an overly big or exciting night, but once again it was nice.

So all in all it was a nice relaxed anniversary. There wasn’t any pressure to make it perfect, or ‘special’, we just spent time together and enjoyed each other’s company. Going to the movies and then a mini pub crawl doesn’t sound like anything super romantic, but it was perfect in that we were relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. There’s wasn’t a big reveal of a fancy present or a proposal (sorry Mum, still no wedding for us) and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

More Stanmore Photos

I know we’ve only been here nearly two months, but I’m really starting to like Stanmore. Sometimes it really feels like somewhere out in the suburbs, with its wide, quiet streets and big impressive houses. Most of those houses have been broken up into apartments like ours, but they’re still impressive.

I get jealous of those houses and wish I could have one whenever I pass a really nice one. Then I remind myself that a) I will never be able to afford a house that big; b) I’ll never need that much house; and c) very few of them are full houses any more. I still like to imagine living in one of them, though.

One of these little terraces is more our style. There are a fair few of these ‘Castle Houses’ around, so it must have been a popular design at the time. The little tower-like design at the front makes me smile, and they’re probably only two or three bedrooms so it’s not like the place would be full of empty rooms. It still is probably too expensive for us, especially at the moment, but it is a slightly more realistic dream house.

I feel like I could take photos of the houses around here for days. For every impeccably presented mansion is a rickety terrace full of different colours and textures and personality. I feel weird stopping and taking photos of places, but sometimes I can’t help but notice pretty houses and want to try and capture what it is about that that is interesting.

Of course no photo post would be complete without some pictures of flowers. I love the orange and white rose (it smelled amazing, too), but the next time I walked past that house on the way to buy groceries it was gone. I remember my Mum having a rose bush that grew red and white flowers like that, and it is such a striking flower and I can’t help but be drawn to it.

Also, here is a local cat. s/he seemed unimpressed that I had interrupted his/her roll in the grass. It lives across the street, with our friendly neighbour and his four other cats and his little dog. It is a huge cat, one of the biggest I’ve seen around here, and there are a lot of cats around here. One day I will make friends with them all.


Local Wanderings

Last Friday Ben wasn’t feeling well (it seems breathing in all that dust when moving irritates sinuses and tonsils. Who would have guessed?) so he took the day off work to go see a doctor in case it was some sort of sinus infection. After that was out of the way we decided, seeing it was a bloody beautiful day, to go for a walk and explore our new neighbourhood.  It was also a good excuse to walk to Petersham (the next suburb over) and get Portuguese chicken for lunch. Not that we need an excuse to get Portuguese chicken and chips, really.

For once I didn’t have to try and sneak a photo of Ben. We’re both as bad as each other when it comes to having our photo taken, so normally I get a bunch of blurry shots of the back of his head. It must have been the nice weather putting us both in a good mood.

We’re right under the flight path, so the planes can get pretty close when they fly over. The double windows at our place helps cut the noise from the planes back quite a bit, so most of the time they’re quieter than the ones that flew over us at Marrickville. It shows how much I’ve changed over the years, I used to get irrationally terrified that the planes were going to crash into the house when they flew over; now I reach out to try and touch them when I see them.

Spring really seems to have come out in force around here. I had to keep running to catch up to Ben because he didn’t realise I had stopped to take photos of plants and had kept walking, excited to eat chicken. It seemed that everywhere I looked there were plants springing up cheerfully and I just couldn’t help but get distracted by them.

It’s funny how different this area is compared to the other suburbs around here. We’re the suburb next to Newtown, just one stop away, but it’s so much quieter here. There’s such a different atmosphere, but I think I like it. I’m looking forward to exploring more of the area while I have the spare time.

Still Alive

Hello! Ben and I moved last Friday and the internet wasn’t connected up until today, so I’ve been trying to limit my internetting to social media through my phone and otherwise keeping myself entertained without being online. It was so hard. We both got bored; it got to the point that I searched for our tv cable to see if I could hook it up. Thankfully for our sanity the cable we had wasn’t the right one, or I’d have started watching Big Brother and Ben would have had to kill me. I would’ve understood. Hell, I’d probably have done the same thing to him. I have to try and organise the boxes and tidy up a bit before I can take photos of the place full of furniture, but that will probably be over the weekend. In the mean time you get to see the photos I took while it was still empty.

So this is our new place. We’re unit 1, so we have the front half of the bottom floor; my new computer desk is on the other side of those big windows.

This is from the lounge room, which shows the tiny little kitchen. We had to put the fridge on that wall next to the phone for the door buzzer which doesn’t work. You can also see the little dining nook and the weird light fittings that hopefully we’re going to change soon.

This is the bedroom. These photos makes it look tiny, but it’s actually huge, just with a weird layout. Both rooms are pretty dang big, really, but this one looks so much bigger with furniture in it. Scout tried to climb up the fireplace the day we moved in, so that got blocked quick smart. I thought it was blocked up, but we can hear the wind whistling down the chimney, so we put an old whiteboard over the opening and have it held in place by the top of the bed. The bed fits perfectly along that textured part of the wall, so it works quite well, really.

The bathroom is probably my least favourite part of the place, asthetically. It’s so brown. The tiny cabinet, the cream toilet and bath, with the beigey brown tiles and the brown glass shower screen makes it ridiculously dated. It’s big too, our last bathroom was smaller than this one, but it’s just so brown. Ben is happy because even though the bath is pretty small it’s deep enough that he can still kinda fit in it. He agrees that it’s an ugly bathroom, though.

I didn’t realise this earlier, but I just wanted to say sorry about all the wonky angles of the walls and all that, I took these photos quickly the day we signed the lease so I could notice anything to put on the condition report. I will make good use of my tripod’s spirit level so hopefully the place doesn’t look as wonky when I take proper photos of the place. I still think that there are a number of strange angles in the house that even a level isn’t going to help.

So that’s the place. I love the big windows (Ben doesn’t like that we’re on street level so people walking past can look in our house; I don’t care), the double glazing on the windows makes living right under the flight path not too bad, and we have an air conditioner unit in each of the main rooms. Summer is going to be glorious; at the moment I am enjoying that the bedroom aircon blows right on my computer desk, because it’s freezing in here and I need the heater. We’re super close to the train station, but on a nice wide quiet street, and there’s a good supermarket nearby. We’re one stop away from Newtown, Petersham is a short walk away and Marrickville is a quick bus ride away. It’s really well positioned, and I’m looking forward to settling in properly and making it our own. Now I just have to find a good place to take self portraits around here.