My mother taught me to knit when I was 6 years old. I remember that first scarf I made, with all the different kinds of yarns, it getting wider and wider and wobblier as it went along. We were over in England for the year and I was pretty sick for part of that time, as well as still being quite young, so my memory of that time isn’t great but I definitely remember that scarf. It has been lost over the years from multiple moves, but I don’t know if I would have wanted to keep it anyway. I picked it up every now and then over the years, but didn’t really move much further from scarves, other than three socks and two pairs of fingerless gloves. I was never that confident with it, so I never really felt comfortable trying more complex things.

I still loved looking at yarn though, and would always try and work out a way to justify buying some when I probably wasn’t going to do anything with it. Late last year I did my regular visit to pine over the products and saw the crochet hooks and figured I might give it a go, grabbed a hook and a ball of Noro yarn. A few days later I had worked out the basic stitches and made two wobbly little squares. It was a revelation. With knitting I was constantly worrying about making mistakes or dropping stitches whenever I stopped paying attention. Because knitting takes so long to do anything, any mistakes means a lot to fix. Crochet seemed to come together quicker and the one loop means less risk of losing them all when putting the stuff in my bag.

I quickly moved on to granny sqaures and fell in love. They come together really quickly, are easy to fix if I make a mistake, and best of all keep my hands busy. I figured I would make a blanket out of them, as I always seem to get cold very easily, win-win!

I have 71 squares made up now, I just have to put a darker border around them all and connect them up. But until I can get the darker yarn I have been using up any scraps I have hanging about. That resulted in these two small balls.

Scout loves playing with them, so when I made the blue one I put a bell in it. I kinda want to make a heap of these just to throw around for Scout to chase. It’s so cute! I have all these ideas for future projects and am super excited about making things, and I haven’t really felt this excited in a while. I hope I keep it up.

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