I may have gotten a little obsessed with Rob Cantor’s live version of “Shia LeBeouf”, a story about the actual cannibal Shia LeBeouf. I have definitely sent it around to people in my office who I think will enjoy it and the responses have basically been as positive as mine was when I first saw it. I had heard the song on my travels through tumblr, but thought nothing of it until I saw the video linked above. I feel like the performance really adds an added level of awesomeness to the song.

This made me look into some of Rob Cantor’s other songs, and he’s pretty dang talented!

His voice is nice and smooth and the production on the songs is slick and professional. Rob Cantor is definitely someone who I will keep coming back to and listening to on occasion. Rob’s got an album on Bandcamp that I am really tempted to buy, because his serious songs are just as entertaining as his more humourous ones. I have been listening to it at work to help me deal with having to work. Some of the ones I am liking are:

The Rendezvous (NSFW video)




And if you want to see his impersonation skills, check out Perfect:





Ok, that last one’s a joke, but the song is still nice! Check him out, yo!

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