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I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the news on the block is that I have a new job. For a while I technically had two jobs and they overlapped for two weeks. I was essentially working 7 days a week for that time; I wouldn’t recommend that anyone try that out, because it sucked balls and had to go back to drinking coffee in the mornings to be able to survive the days.

I went back to QBF when I found out one of the girls there was going overseas because I was really starting to stress about my unemployment and going back there meant I didn’t have to actually apply anywhere and get trained or any of that. It was a job of convenience more than anything else. Two days after I started back one of the other girls got a proper job so we were going to have to employ someone new anyway. The next day I had a job interview and was asked to start as soon as possible. So much for going back to retail for a while! Nat was upset that I was leaving basically as soon as I came back to the QBF Crew, but understood that I would be an idiot to give up this job to stay in a retail job that I didn’t overly like.

Proof I’ve been hard at work.
So now I am working at the gaming company that Ally (remember my old housemate?) has been working at for a few years. I am a Production Assistant, which at the moment means answering messages that people send in when our facebook game isn’t working properly, general admin stuff and a bit of game testing to see if the developers have fixed the bugs they say they have. Most of the time they haven’t and I get a strange satisfaction from being able to consistently break the game.
The view from out my office window
I’ve been here for about a month now and I’m really liking the place! My coworkers are all really nice and friendly (also most are super nerdy so I feel cool around them) and the atmosphere is pretty laid back. My bright hair and piercings are not an issue in any way and there isn’t a dress code, which means when I don’t feel like putting in an effort in the morning and wear tights as pants no one cares at all. Even when I dress like a slob I tend to look more put together than half the staff. If Mr “Socks and Slip-On Sandals” can get away with wearing his trademark ensemble then I’m pretty safe with my fashion choices.
My desk buddy!
The office is just down the road from Ben’s work, so we travel back and forth together which is nice! Sometimes we get lunches together too, but most of the time we do our own things during the day and meet up after work to travel home. I’m still getting used to this 40 hour work week deal so most of the time it is hard to get out of bed in the mornings, but Ben is worse than I am so it makes me feel good that I manage to catch the train on time every day (unlike him). I also seem to beat Ally to work every day too, but apparently everyone beats her to work some days. When I meet up with Ben in the afternoon we normally buy stuff to cook for dinner (we’re not that great with planning ahead for these things) then catch the train home. Afternoon trains are almost always old unairconditioned trains, which sucks, but I guess that won’t be so bad once the weather starts cooling down again.
Another boat photo!
I feel sorry for poor Scout. Now she’s left alone all day she seems to have gotten even more clingy than before. She’s taken to laying in front of the door whenever we’re in the lounge room just in case we weren’t aware that she didn’t want us to leave. I have tried to find things to entertain her when we’re out, but she doesn’t seem to notice her toys most of the time so it’s no use. Hopefully once this lease runs out we can get a slightly bigger place now we can afford a bit more rent and get Scout a friend to help keep her company during the day. I saw one up for adoption that I’m wishing we could get now, but I’ve been told I’m not allowed.


So that’s my latest life update! Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go and catch up on the sleep I’ve missed since having to get up at 7 every morning.

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