That Movie Book – Week Twenty Five

This week’s theme was “Play It Again, Sam: remakes that are better than the original”. Last week’s theme about being royalty was a bit of a non-event seeing as I was on holiday when I would normally be typing things up, so I moved on to this one instead. Remakes are becoming such a common¬†occurrence¬†these […]

That Movie Book – Week Twenty Three

Sorry I’m a bit late, the public holiday messed with my schedule as only a public holiday can. This weekend’s theme was “Nicolas Cage: loser at large”. A weekend of Nic Cage being Nic Cage, a weekend forecast to be good movie-watching weather, sounded like a perfect match. Then I watched some of the films […]

That Movie Book – Week Twenty Two

  This week’s theme was “It’s Not A Weekend, It’s A Wrinkle In Time: how to time travel (according to films).” The weekend was forecast to be rainy and miserable, so I figured it would be a good time to smash out a few of the suggestions. I watched… two out of the five films. […]

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