That Movie Book – Week Thirty Three

I know last week didn’t happen, but I felt a bit burnt out after Miyazaki Week and watched trash to compensate for it. This week I was back in business, though, and promised to watch at least one of the five suggestions. This week’s theme was “All Critics Are Wankers” I ended up watching Ratatouille. […]

That Movie Book Week Thirty One

I was pretty excited about this weekend. I went through a phase of being a little obsessed with mainstream Japanese culture (funnily enough around the time I decided to learn Japanese at school), and this was a nice way to relive that. Plus I have a cold so I felt this was a good way […]

That Movie Book – Week Twenty Five

This week’s theme was “Play It Again, Sam: remakes that are better than the original”. Last week’s theme about being royalty was a bit of a non-event seeing as I was on holiday when I would normally be typing things up, so I moved on to this one instead. Remakes are becoming such a common¬†occurrence¬†these […]

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