That Movie Book – Week Twenty Three

Sorry I’m a bit late, the public holiday messed with my schedule as only a public holiday can. This weekend’s theme was “Nicolas Cage: loser at large”. A weekend of Nic Cage being Nic Cage, a weekend forecast to be good movie-watching weather, sounded like a perfect match. Then I watched some of the films […]

That Movie Book – Week Twenty Two

  This week’s theme was “It’s Not A Weekend, It’s A Wrinkle In Time: how to time travel (according to films).” The weekend was forecast to be rainy and miserable, so I figured it would be a good time to smash out a few of the suggestions. I watched… two out of the five films. […]

That Movie Book – Week Nineteen

This week’s theme was “Male? Female? Other? a weekend of gender-bending” ┬áIt seemed quite an appropriate theme for this week considering what has been happening in America with Obama and New Jersey, and also in Argentina. Gay and Trans rights have had some victories and some setbacks; it seemed a curious coincidence that the theme […]

That Movie Book – Week Eighteen

This week’s theme was “Some Of My Best Friends Are Black: a beginner’s guide to interracial clashes”. The movies suggested this week were given as examples of films where interracial couples or situations where there is a cultural clash are dealt with in an interesting way or are done well. Most of the time these […]

That Movie Book – Week Seventeen

This week’s theme was “Chris Nolan: Mastermind”. Fairly self-explanatory, five films directed by Christopher Nolan. I like the director themed weeks, because they are interesting to see the common themes or styles that occur in the different stories. This week, however, I only watched one film. Ben and I realised that we had both seen […]

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