That Movie Book – Week Fourteen

Welcome, once again, to this week’s Movie Reviews. I thought maybe because of the long weekend we would watch more of the suggestions than usual, but two of the suggestions were actually multiple films, so that ruled that idea out. Instead we took two out of the five down to the south coast while we […]

That Movie Book – Week Thirteen

This week had the theme of “Smash and Grab: how to plan a movie heist”. I went through a phase of watching movie heists when I was younger, and was excited to see that I hadn’t seen any of the suggestions this week. Hell, I am pretty sure I hadn’t even heard of any of […]

That Movie Book – Week Twelve

This week’s theme was “The Delicate Delicacies in the Delicatessen of Jean-Pierre Jeunet”. I really enjoyed The last French Cinema theme with Luc Besson, so I was hoping this week would generate a lot of things I wanted to talk about but couldn’t quite work out how to get them straight in my head. I […]

That Movie Book – Week Eleven

So, this week was called “For The Love Of God, Why Are We Doing This?! Why messing with DNA is a bad idea”. Five films dedicated to demonstrating how genetic engineering was going to be a big mistake, and just how big a mistake it would be. We went out on Friday night, so the […]

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