Lazy Tuesday

My family and Ben’s parents are coming to our place for Christmas, so I had planned to do a heap of housework today seeing that I still have to work out what food we need to buy and finish wrapping presents and it is in 5 days. Our office is pretty messy but we can’t just close the door on it because it is home for Scout’s food and litter, so we need to at least tidy up the containers of computer bits and cables that are everywhere. I can’t really do much with that though, because I don’t actually know what most of the stuff we have is used for.

But it has been a dreary miserable day and I’ve had a kinda rough weekend, so I’m watching British tv shows on youtube and drinking tea instead. The cats seem to agree that today is for relaxation.


I’ll do it all tomorrow.


I’ve been meaning to start this place up again, so I figured what better way to do it that to talk about my cat. This will be a good re-introduction to the blog, as I’ll probably talk about her a lot anyway.

Ok, so, This is Scout.
Isn’t she cute? I had been asking my boyfriend, Ben, if we could get a cat since we moved in together. We both had owned cats in the past but we were living in pretty small apartments at the time, so it never seemed to eventuate. Then we moved into a house with a mutual friend, who already had a cat. Specifically this cat, Tiger:
For a while Ben thought that having Tiger around would get me to stop going on about getting a cat of our own, but it just made me want one even more. Then something changed Ben’s mind and he agreed! We went to the Cat Protection Society a week later and got our kitten. She was really shy at the shelter, so I was worried she wouldn’t be happy at home, or that Tiger would beat her up. Luckily as soon as we got her home and let her out of the carrier she perked right up and proceeded to try and explore every part of our bedroom, climbing over us and getting pats in the process. We’d planned to keep her in our room for a while and introduce the cats to each other slowly, but there was a slight hiccough in our plans. The Shelter had just had an outbreak of cat flu, and three days after adopting her, Scout could barely breathe. Some panicked vet appointments and $900 later she was being treated for a bacterial infection and being monitored constantly.

Poor thing, they said it was lucky we didn’t wait any longer than we did, otherwise she might not have made it. Then we had to keep her quarantined in our room so that Tiger didn’t get sick, and also give her antibiotics twice a day, but after a week she was so full of beans you couldn’t keep her from running out of the room whenever you opened the door.
Now she’s just my whingey little shit of a cat. She meows constantly and is always hungry and likes to launch herself off you while you’re trying to hold her and still tries to play with Tiger even though Tiger doesn’t want anything to do with her. Just recently though, we let her outside and Tiger watched over Scout very carefully as she freaked out over the big wide world. I think secretly Tiger likes Scout, but you’ll never get her to admit it.
Tiger is the pretty cat of the household, and Scout is the doofus cat. But I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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