Well I am in my second day of 2012 and so far the weather has been gorgeous. It’s making me want to actually leave the house, but at the same time I know that if I do go outside I will end up complaining about how hot and bright it is anyway. Best to stay inside

 New Year Resolutions aren’t a big thing for me; I feel like if I make really specific ones (go to the gym three times a week, go for a walk every weekend) then it is just setting myself up for failure, which then makes me feel bad about myself because I couldn’t even bother to do things I should be. So I have my “Resolutions” which are things I really want to happen this year, then “General Aims” for the year that it would be good to do but if I am not as successful with those it’s not the end of the world. Those ones I have more mental leeway on.


1. Talk to someone about my anxiety – It is getting ridiculous and almost to the point that I can’t just pretend everything is ok.
2. Get back to saving money – Not having to worry so much about money all the time is nice. I miss having savings.
3. Get more tattoos/piercings – I know what I want to get, and I don’t want to second guess myself like I did with my previous tattoo. I am not going to take 5 years to get this one. Piercings might happen first, because they are easier, but I still want both to happen this year.
4. Go on a holiday – Even if it’s just to Melbourne for a weekend or something more fun like going overseas to Japan or America. I haven’t really had a proper holiday in a fair while, it would be nice to do something like that.

General Aims:

1. Ride my bike more – I have been coming up with excuses not to do this, but if I want to go overseas I will need to be fitter than I am now so I have to get on to that. Will try and go for a ride at least once a week.
2. Update this place regularly – Again, at least once a week. If I have more to say in the week then there will be more updates, but even if it just is a post on Sunday of the photos I have taken throughout the week then that is enough.
3. Try to cut back on the amount of stuff I own – There always seems to be a point where I look at the stuff I own and there is just a lot of things that I don’t actually use any more. I need to have regular clean outs where I take clothes and other things to charity stores and try to be less of a hoader. I’ll probably move house at some point this year and would like it to be less of an ordeal.
4. Get serious about going back to uni or not – I miss learning things, so I either have to commit to doing uni again (probably part time, by correspondence) or doing some sort of class. Maybe relearn Japanese in preparation of going over there?
5. Get out of the house more – Even if it’s just going to a local park to have a picnic on the weekend, I just feel like I always end up sitting around the house that even thinking about going outside feels like too much of a hassle.

Basically everything I want to do is reliant on money, so the first thing I have to do before anything else this year is get a job. After that my year should be much easier, comparatively. If you have read all this then good work! Have a photo of a cat as a reward.

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