Late to the Party: Get on Up

James Brown is one of the most influential musicians of this generation, and he has said as much on multiple occasions. I could ask pretty much anyone I know and they would be able to do a James Brown impersonation, or name a song of his, even if they aren’t a fan of funk music in the slightest. When he died in 2006 (on Christmas Day, no less) it was a massive surprise; I feel like most people thought he would live forever.

‘Get on Up’ is a film about James Brown, obviously, with Chadwick Boseman playing the main role. I hadn’t really heard of Chadwick Boseman before he was announced to be playing Black Panther in the Marvel movies, so I thought this might be a good way to see how he acts. I also don’t know much about James Brown or his life, so ‘Get on Up’ would fix that as well. And after the bland white person party that was the previous film I watched, I needed something with more diversity, which ‘Get on Up!’ had in spades.

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