Craftage: Star Blanket WIP

I have a bad habit of moving onto something new in the middle of a project because I either get bored, or find something different that I can’t be bothered waiting to start. This can end up causing an overwhelming number of half-done projects and me feeling like I have nothing to do. I decided that I had to crack down on my WIPs, and found the Star Blanket I had started ages ago.


Now I saw the original pattern on Tumblr and it looked awesome, so I went and grabbed stuff without realising how much work there would be. You make 6 small diamonds, sew them together to make a star. Make 6 more diamonds in your background colour, and sew them in between the points of the star. Then sew all these bits together to make the blanket. that is a lot of sewing right there. I have trouble sewing granny squares together and they are self-contained pieces! It’s no wonder I moved on to something else instead of finishing it.


The stars do look good when they are sewn together, though. It will look good when it’s finished but there’s just so. Much. Sewing. The most frustrating thing about it is that since deciding I was going to work on it, I have now run out of yarn, so I need to buy more before I can do any more. Who wants to bet I move on to something else while waiting for the yarn?


Craftage: Latest Blankies

I realised recently that I have now added three more blankets to my collection, bringing it up to a total of five. I know blankets take a long time to finish and get bulky and annoying, but I can’t help myself. I think it’s because I’m always cold that I feel the need to have warm snuggly blankets on hand at all times.

My problem then is that the cats also like snuggly blankets and lay on them, covering them with cat hair. And cat hair doesn’t really help when I’m trying to curl up in the blanket, as the hair tickles my face and nose constantly. This means I am now trying to work out where I can store my blanket stash so that they don’t get taken over by cats. So that means putting the blankets in a certain part of a certain cupboard where I know the cats can’t get into. At least these ones should look nice for a little while longer.

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Did I Mention I Like to Crochet

It’s been a while since I let you know what I’ve been up to, craft-wise, so I thought it was about time to do another recap. Since my last post I’ve basically been only doing crochet. My poor cross stitch is still half finished and now in a box where I can’t see it and feel bad for not wanting to finish it. I’m sure when I finally unpack my craft boxes (which will probably be after we move out of this place, if I’m honest with myself) I’ll get the urge to finish Mr Magpie so I can get him framed and on the wall, but for the moment I’m pretending he doesn’t exist and crocheting instead.


Crochet and cats on the front steps on a Saturday afternoon
I made a blanket for Ally, and finished it in time for it to be a housewarming (and new lounge-christening) present. I sadly forgot to take photos of it when it was done, but she chose a gorgeous colour combination of light grey, peacocky blue and a grassy green for me to make ripply stripes with. It was pretty big by the time I had finished it, and I considered keeping it for myself. I also made Tiger some toy balls out of the leftover yarn, and apparently she approves of both the toys and the blanket. She obviously has discerning taste.

Looks like I've got a new project to pass the time. #crochet #hexagons #crafts
After that I decided I would never make a full blanket at once again. I bought a variety of cotton yarns and started making hexagons with it so I could sew them all together. They’re much quicker and more portable than a whole blanket, so I thought I would power through them any chance I got and make a really big snuggly blanket out of them. I have about 80, which is a good effort, but it makes a small, pathetic-looking blanket. I’m so sick of doing hexagons though, so I bought some really soft yarn on a whim and made a scarf out of it instead of buying more yarn for hexagons.

I finished my scarf! #crochet
This scarf, to be exact. I would crochet on the train in the mornings, and when it was slow at work, and of an evening, so it came together pretty quickly. People made fun of me a little because the yarn matched my hair, but I think it’s a good thing; the scarf always fits in with my outfits because my hair is always the same. Plus it’s quite warm and that comes in handy now that the mornings are getting quite chilly.


But it seems that now that I have allowed myself to buy red variegated yarn I can’t stop myself. The floodgates have opened and no yarn is safe. I must have it all! I bought some gorgeous felted stuff and while I was trying to go for something different I just couldn’t go past the red and orange colour. Plus I’m using it in a striped blanket, so I’m going against my previous vow and making a whole blanket at once. It’s going to take forever and be my biggest blanket yet (I think), but it’s already looking pretty cool so hopefully it looks awesome when it’s done.

It seems i Must only #crochet things that match my hair from now on.
I’m trying out a new stitch, Larksfoot Stitch, which I think looks neat, but someone commented that the red stripes look like chops and now I can’t unsee that. Lets see if I ever make her something if she asks! (I probably will, I’m always happy to make things for people other than myself)


So that’s where I’m up to! Sorry about all the instagram photos, but now that the sun is setting before I even leave work I don’t have much time to take proper photos these days. Sure, I could take them on the weekends, but I’m too busy sleeping for that kind of thing!