I have a bad habit of moving onto something new in the middle of a project because I either get bored, or find something different that I can’t be bothered waiting to start. This can end up causing an overwhelming number of half-done projects and me feeling like I have nothing to do. I decided that I had to crack down on my WIPs, and found the Star Blanket I had started ages ago.


Now I saw the original pattern on Tumblr and it looked awesome, so I went and grabbed stuff without realising how much work there would be. You make 6 small diamonds, sew them together to make a star. Make 6 more diamonds in your background colour, and sew them in between the points of the star. Then sew all these bits together to make the blanket. that isĀ a lot of sewing right there. I have trouble sewing granny squares together and they are self-contained pieces! It’s no wonder I moved on to something else instead of finishing it.


The stars do look good when they are sewn together, though. It will look good when it’s finished but there’s just so. Much. Sewing. The most frustrating thing about it is that since deciding I was going to work on it, I have now run out of yarn, so I need to buy more before I can do any more. Who wants to bet I move on to something else while waiting for the yarn?


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