Earworms: Hyukoh

A lot of the music I listen to on repeat is loud and poppy, especially since I started listening to Kpop on a regular basis. It makes me feel good when walking around listening to music; I can block out all the annoying sounds of the public and listen to cheerful and energetic music instead!

But the weather recently has been more sombre, seeing it’s started going into Autumn, so I’ve been listening to more slow, chilled out music that fits with the atmosphere a bit better. The band that I’m really enjoying is Hyukoh, a Korean indie 4-piece band. I know, another Korean band, but hear me out.

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Earworms: Tiger JK, ‘Forever’

There are times where, sometimes for no reason at all, my anxiety spikes and it feels like my skin is a size too small and I just want to peel it off to get some sort of relief. Obviously that is not possible, so instead I end up trying to lessen the feeling by blaring some music and singing along. I feel bad for me neighbours when this happens.

Sometimes I play happy poppy songs to cheer myself up; sometimes it’s shouty angry songs. But other times the only thing I want to listen to is a sad song on repeat to sing along to while trying not to cry (and ¬†most of the time failing at that). Forever by Tiger JK falls very squarely into that last category.


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Earworms: Stromae, “Papoutai”

Ah French, the language of love. I learned French in school, starting in primary school all the way up to year 10, when I realised that I had stopped caring about it for at least half of that year and dropped it. I have forgotten a lot of what I was taught, because that is what happens, but I still like to listen to it. Luckily for me there are a bunch of awesome musicians who sing (or rap) in French.

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Earworms- (1)

Earworms – Rob Cantor

I may have gotten a little obsessed with Rob Cantor’s live version of “Shia LeBeouf”, a story about the actual cannibal Shia LeBeouf. I have definitely sent it around to people in my office who I think will enjoy it and the responses have basically been as positive as mine was when I first saw it. I had heard the song on my travels through tumblr, but thought nothing of it until I saw the video linked above. I feel like the performance really adds an added level of awesomeness to the song.

This made me look into some of Rob Cantor’s other songs, and he’s pretty dang talented!

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