Now that Christmas has been and gone for me, I can claim that it was at least a moderate success. I have been seeing all these posts on other blogs about their decorations, which makes me feel a bit bad about my minimalist (read: lazy) effort. Ally hung some candy canes on the wall behind the tv:

And I made some crochet flowery things that looked vaguely snowflakey:

But that was about it. I’m not a huge Christmas fan anyway, so the fact we had any decorations was novelty enough. We had nibbles and dips to start with, bought ham and chicken and turkey and prawns, made a garden salad and a potato salad (which was so amazingly delicious but also a fair amount of effort) and had nice sourdough bread from the local fancy bakery. Our fridge is struggling with the amount of food we were able to stuff in there. We realised this morning that our cranberry sauce was mouldy, so I went on a quick hunt for some but couldn’t find any. Turkey and cranberry sauce is one of my favourite things to eat, so I was a bit bummed about that.

Both of our families turned up at the same time, which was a nice coincidence, and mum insisted on my opening one of her presents before anything else. Mum is really into Christmas, so it was a lesson in self control that she held out until she did. The flurry of present opening was fun.Our small pile of gifts looked a bit sad compared to the bags of gifts from our families:

After presents was more eating and subsequent resting. I was going to make some sort of trifle for desserts, but in the end we decided that fruit salad was easier and just as delicious. Ben and I both cut ourselves cutting fruit, but that was the only casualties, so all in all it went ok! Everyone got along well, the food was all delicious, presents were enjoyed. We got so many big fluffy towels from Ben’s parents and we have no room to store them, but they are so soft and cuddly! We’ll find room somewhere.

The cats hid outside when people were around, which is not surprising, but Scout re-emerged once my family left and discovered the fancy ribbon on a present box and went to town.

So all in all it was a good day. Now I have the post-Christmas blues, but that could also just be realising how much cleaning we still have to do.

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