Pocket Envy

The lack of pockets on women’s clothing is something that most people are aware of. I know that I have gone on a rant about the lack of pockets, or even the annoying situation where the clothes have fake pockets that trick you into thinking your clothes are more functional than they actually are. I always find it a bit harder to justify buying a dress or a skirt without pockets compared to one that does have them. Clothes with pockets are automatically more practical than ones without, but they are also much harder for find consistently. It’s a sad fact that frustrates me to know end.

Lately I have been wearing more open knit cardigans, which of course don’t have pockets, and I decided to take this issue into my own hands. I have a bunch of black yarn leftover from a blanket, so I made a crocheted granny hexagon, measuring it against my phone to make sure it would actually be useful, then sewed that baby onto the inside of one of my black cardigans. I left one side open, and that opening is just as wide as my phone, so it’s hard for it to fall out, but also wide enough to put my bank card or some notes in there as well.

It has made so much difference! Now I don’t have to rummage in my bag for my phone, or carry it in my hand and potentially drop it! Plus it didn’t take very long and it was ultimately free seeing I used leftover materials! I guess until the fashion industry gets their heads straight I’m going to have to do this whenever I can.

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